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About DAF


The Disrupting Africa Forum (DAF) is an institution that champions, supports and actively works with African innovators to bring their home-grown innovations to scale in an effort to address Africa’s unique challenges and practically change lives.

DAF is dedicated to helping African cities utilise African innovation to solve African problems, and seeks to turn the continents challenges into opportunities. Our ambition is to position Africa as an innovative continent with innovation as a core focus.

Every two years, DAF identifies a major challenge in key cities across the continent and brings together innovators with solutions that disrupt an identified sector, directly contribute to transformation in those cities, and by extension positively impact the continent’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Cities Where We Work

Meet the DAF1 Innovators

Siegfried Grimbeek
Siegfried Grimbeeka
Siegfried Grimbeekb
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The Global Gathering

In 2018, the results of the innovations incubation and application phase will be revealed and discussed at the first DAF Global Gathering, where key recommendations will be made and public/private partners will commit to the necessary measures to take the innovations to scale on a country and pan-African level.

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